Thursday, 13 August 2015

Leonard and Adam Nimoy in Hawaii

Leonard Nimoy and his son Adam, at age 13, in Waikiki, Hawaii, June 13, 1970.

It's rather lovely to see these pictures. I hope he was having as much fun as it seems. I hope they both were. Personally, I'm having quite a lot of fun seeing Leonard Nimoy prance about in the sun with only shorts on, but that won't be what Adam Nimoy's getting out of it.

I wonder if this was after he had left Mission: Impossible? The end of Season 5 was aired in early 1971. Could they have finished shooting? Or was this a break between Season 4 and Season 5? If only I had my Dossier I might be able to find out... I want to know if this was a fun outing between seasons or a fun post-slightly-dispiriting-acting-job jaunt.

On a slightly related note I wonder what it's like to be Adam Nimoy now, suddenly thrust into his father's place, as the Star Trek torch carrier for the Nimoy family?