Monday, 5 October 2015

White Poloneck Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, poloneck, white. He looks pensive or distressed. Is he acting or is this real? I’d like to know what was going on, or to see more photos, because he looks gorgeous. (Also because once I have two of anything I want more.)

Pretty Pretty Paris

You know, I wouldn't automatically think of Leonard Nimoy with wavy hair as a pretty thing, but by god does he pull it off well. He's so beautifully cavalier and dashing as Paris in Mission: Impossible with his dark waving hair. There's something of the exotic and mysterious about him. I suppose that was the effect they were going for. In these shots, from 1969, he puts me in mind of the glorious image of a dark and brooding Paris hidden under a flamboyant exterior that I get from Geriatricfool's beautiful writing.

Thanks to Lynnet Ann Toole on facebook for posting some of these and reminding me of the ones I had on my computer.