Sunday, 28 September 2014

Index of Fanfiction (WIP)

Note: I rate my writing for maturity loosely according to the BBFC ratings system, which is as follows:
U: Universal, suitable for all
PG: Parental Guidance
12: Suitable for 12 years and over
15: Suitable for 15 years and over
18: Suitable only for adults


After The Light: Annihilate Rewritten

Eclipse Series -
  • Eclipse
  • Reconciliation
  • Solution

A Sky of Stars


Vulcan and Romulus Series -
  • Vulcan: Secrets of the Sands
  • Romulus: Seeds of Unity


Amok Interlude

The Burning Time

     - Spock/Kirk. Rated 18 for themes of rape and violence. During a turbulent evacuation of a human colony, Spock is taken hostage... 

Grayson's Run

In The Aftermath

The Labyrinth

The Little Green Men Affair

     - No Pairing. Rated PG for some mature themes. Set after the end of The Search For Spock, this is a series of vignettes on post-Fal-Tor-Pan Spock's interactions with his friends.

Plato's Stepchildren: Persuasion

Tomorrow Lingers

Short Stories and Shorter

     - Spock/Kirk. Rated 18. There is no way in the world that a near-death experience with a tentacled sea-creature should lead to Spock and Jim having unbridled sex on the beach... But it did...

After Midnight

And I Am Also Quite Blind

Another Brother

Bird Boned and Human

Bitch in Boots

Cave In


     - Spock/Kirk. Rated 18. Committed to an alien prison, Kirk and Spock share a hot Christmas night on a cold world.

Diplomacy Series -
  • Diplomacy Awry
  • Diplomacy Fulfilled

Freeze and Thaw

K/S Valentine Vignette

     - Spock/Kirk. Rated 18. When the showers on the Enterprise are broken, Spock and Kirk have no option but to share...

The Perfect Christmas
     - No Pairing. Rated 15, mostly just for darkness. A vignette from Mirror Mirror, just after Mirror-Spock has been knocked unconscious by Kirk.

Song Memes

Universe Around Me

A Vulcan Valentine Vignette

Waiting for Inspiration
     - Spock/Zarabeth. Rated 15. Spock sits in his quarters and thinks of Zarabeth.

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