Saturday, 26 December 2015

Leonard Nimoy in Make-Up

I've been working hard at collecting all the photos I can find, in the best resolution I can find, of Leonard Nimoy getting into makeup as Spock. In the course of that I stumbled on these marvellous images here, which I'd urge you to go over and look through, of bits like the Spock ear moulds and makeup and costumes, mostly from the films.

Here's my collection of Leonard Nimoy looking gorgeous as he went through the two hour long process of becoming Spock. I wonder if he was ever tempted to leave the makeup on when he'd finished for the day?

I don't know that all of these are from the same shoot, but I think they're pretty much all Original Series era.

With Fred Phillips, and a little help from Adam Nimoy.

Fred Phillips doing a touch up for Amok Time. Nimoy looks beautifully into character.

With Deforest Kelley in the background. I love this photo. Is Leonard Nimoy sorting out his contact lenses?

Another of the same time. I wish I could find this bigger!

Sans eyebrows and ears. Look at that forearm!!
Slightly further out on the same shot.
Ears being applied.
Ears being applied.

Eyebrows going on. Apparently this was a pain because it took so long. Every hair had to be applied individually.
Eyebrow sculpting.

Closer in on the same shot, but much higher resolution.
Very poor resolution, but I can't find a bigger copy of this.
Still working on those eyebrows.

A bit of hair work.
A bit of hairspray to finish it all off. No wonder his hair was never out of place!
A closer look at that lovely photo.

A few colour shots. No wonder they called the makeup pancake!
He appears to be having his eyes brushed.
More work, but not caked in makeup here.
Eyeshadow going on, I think.
I've been trying to work out if this is from TMP, since the ears look blunter and less sculptured.
All done, except the costume!

The finished look, but still in his cape. I love the glimpse of the uniforms hanging up behind! It must have been hard going through two hours of this every morning. And to think that Spock wakes up looking like this without any effort!
  Finally a couple of extra images just pointed out to me by Karracaz, sourced from here. As with all the other images, open in a new tab to see them at full size.